The story of Serebro

Anastasia Karpova - Serebro

“Serebro” (Серебро, Silver) are a Russian pop girl group based in Moscow, Russia. They were created through the European known contest Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, with their song “Song #1”. The group consists of Elena Temnikova, Olga Seryabkina and Anastasia Karpova, who replaced the former member Marina Lizorkina.[4] They were then officially imprinted to their manager Maxim Fadeev’s record label Monolit Records, and in 2012, they had additional releases from Sony Music Entertainment and Ego Music. During 2009, member Marina Lizorkina had announced her departure from the group, and she was replaced by Anastasia Karpova.

The group have spawned two studio albums; OpiumRoz, which was released by Monolit Records, and Mama Lover which was released by Sony and Ego Music.[5][6] They have also released an extended play entitled Izbrannoe. The group have had a long-term string of top ten hits in their native Russia, with their first number-one single being “Song #1”, which charted within different countries in Europe.

Then, at the end of 2011, the group released their hit single “Mama Lover”. The single had became the group’s most successful single to date, managing to peak in European countries including Italy, Belgium, Spain, Latvia and their native Russia. “Mama Lover” also received media attention worldwide, with them commenting on the raunchy-received music video and the song itself, and to date, the song has received more than 20 million views on Youtube and having more than 250 parodies performed. To date, Serebro are one of the most successful Russian acts in Russian music history.


Serebro members:

Elena Temnikova (born 18 April 1985 in Kurgan, Russia) came to media prominence as a contestant on Channel One talents show Star Factory in 2003.[19] She was spotted by Maxim Fadeev, the main producer of Star Factory, and signed with a contract with Fadeev’s recording company Monolit Records.[20] Although Temnikova released two disco singles, “Begi” and “Taina”, she did not continue her solo career and joined Serebro instead.[20] She had married co-member of Star Factory Alexey Semenov, and then separated in 2007, before a settlement for divorce. She then sparked a problem between her manager Maxim Fadeev, after his brother started dating Temnikova, but had announced their separation. She currently resides in Moscow, Russia.

Olga Seryabkina (born 12 April 1985 in Moscow, Russia) began to study ballet at the age of seven.[19] The same year she got the rank of the candidate to the master of sports; she later took part in many international dancing competitions.[19] Seryabkina graduated at the Art School, the Department for Estrada and Pop Singing, and in 2006 got the higher education diploma on specialization “Translation and Entrepreneurship”.[19] She was brought at the audition for Serebro by her friend Temnikova.[20] As one off the band members, Olga is the only member to produce and write most off the songs for the group as well. She first had her writing debut on the groups single “Like Mary Warner”, and write and composed some off the songs featured on Mama Lover.

Anastasia Karpova (born 2 November 1984 in Balakovo, Russia) was very interested in music since her early age, but dedicated herself to ballet.[19] She was also attending singing classes and decided to pursue her singing career.[19] Anastasia had replaced Lizorkina, after announcing her departure. She first had her debut with the group on their single “Like Mary Warner”. Anastasia, along with Elena and Olga had recorded their second studio album Mama Lover, making it Karpova’s first full-length studio album.


Anastasia Karpova - Serebro
Anastasia Karpova – Serebro

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